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Respite Breaks, Epwell Road

Referral Stages

Referrals can come from: Individual, Relative, Carer, Birmingham City Council (on contract – Care Match Portal), Walsall City Council (on contract), NHS Birmingham and Solihull ICB, Care First – day provision sister company, OFG – Outcome First Group – overlooking provider



Referrals can be made, via phone or email using the enquiry form (see button below).


Initial Assessment

This can take place over the phone to advice if the service is suitable for an individual.



Before moving further a funding body such as Council or NHS needs to be contacted to confirm availability of funds. In case of self funding this stage is omitted.


Holistic Assessment

This can be completed face to face at Respite Breaks, via phone or a video call.



Costing is provided to a funding body.


Authorisation & Allowance Confirmation

Funding body confirmation in writing is required about funds being available and about how many nights per year can be booked.



We offer gradual transition to the service at agreed cost, starting from shorter visits and increasing them to longer ones. Our most successful transitions consist of 3 visits:

  • 1st visit – 3 hours with a relative or carer
  • 2nd visit – 5 hours with no support from relatives
  • 3rd visit – overnight stay

Respite Breaks is always prepared to tailor transition pathway to each individual in case they need more time to adapt to a new environment.



Bookings can be taken and confirmed.

Respite Breaks, Epwell Road

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Please note: Respite Breaks Limited is not suitable for individuals who are bed bound and require hoist transfers.

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    Respite Breaks, Epwell Road
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