Mental Health Awareness

Respite Breaks is honoured to draw attention to Mental Health Awareness and emphasise the vital significance of mental health. This programme benefits not only our students but also their friends, family, and our hardworking staff, who assist our students no matter what during their time with us. It is important to include mental health awareness into our daily lives, not just during Mental Health Awareness Week or Month.

The importance of Continued Awareness
While raising awareness of mental health issues during Mental Health Awareness is a great opportunity, it’s important to do it all year long. At Respite Breaks, we’re dedicated to making mental health awareness a part of every day activities. Our community, staff, and students may all have healthier, happier lives if we prioritise mental health in our environment.

We’re interested in learning how each Respite Breaks member adopts and incorporates these concepts into their daily operations. Together, let’s establish a lively and encouraging atmosphere that supports everyone’s mental health.